Getting Stiffed


It looks like this Poor Working Stiff is getting stiffed by an online retailer. On May 25th (or before, the 25th is the oldest e-mail I have on this) I ordered an 850mAh battery for my cell phone, they sent me a 700mAh version (but at least the confirmation e-mail and packing slip said 850mAh). I pointed out the error of their ways, they graciously suggested an exchange.

I took about 45 minutes off work to fight the lines at the post office in order to ship the product back to them. Paid for shipping. And anxiously awaited my new batteries. Here we are mid-June and they finally got around to sending out the replacements. They haven’t arrived yet, but the “Congratulations it’s shipped” e-mail clearly states 700-750mAh battery.

What?!? I’m trying really hard to not use words like fraud, dishonest, and corrupt. I don’t know them well enough to know if their mothers had more than a passing acquaintanceship with their fathers.

I’ll keep you posted.


The replacement batteries showed up today … and despite the confirmation e-mail claiming that they would be the wrong batteries, it looks like they are the correct ones.