2,000 Years Old and Still True



But by finding fault; they seize upon opportunities to do harm; they insist that they have received injuries, in order that they may inflict them.    — Seneca



Only Buddhists and Atheists



Recently I had lunch with a friend and his daughter. The daughter graduated from a top university in California and went on for a masters degree abroad. Somewhere along the way she was thoroughly indoctrinated in modern ignorance. I state this because she made the statement that Christians shouldn’t be trusted with government and that only Buddhists and Atheists should be allowed to vote.

At the time I made the comment that having a government that actually lived up to the principals of turn the other cheek, do unto others, and love thy neighbor as thyself would be quite a refreshing change.

I wish that I had followed it up by asking if she would have preferred to live under Stalin, Mao, Lenin, or Pol Pot. All outstanding atheistic leaders of the twentieth century.

Black Hole of Ignorance


teacherduncex200Recently my high school aged daughter and some friends were having a discussion in History. One of the kids brought up the subject of children. My daughter said:

Children are nothing but a black hole of need.

One of the ignorant morons in the group immediately said “That’s Racist!” (say what?!?)

The teacher happened by then and turned to my daughter and said “You can’t say such things.” To which my daughter replied “What should I say, ‘children are a white hole of need’?!?” The teacher then asked if she wanted to go to the principal’s office.

Okay, I can understand (but not excuse) the stupidity on the part of the student for not knowing what a black hole is. After all, the poor ignoramus was raised in public schools. But what’s the teacher’s execuse?