The Big Three Dinosaurs


t-rex-dollarIt appears to be Christmas season. That time of year filled with holiday cheer where gifts are exchanged. Of course the American auto industry is begging for a gift from Washington. Why? Because years of gross incompetence have finally caught up with them.

My grandfather retired with GM. My father was always a Chrysler man. Me? I’ll go with Honda.

In the late 80s and 90s my wife and I worked for a company that had us traveling quite a bit and they provided a company car – usually a Ford. These cars, which we picked up new from the dealer, were the most worthless piles of junk. After picking up a new car one Friday, my wife and I took another couple out somewhere. When the woman got into the back seat and closed the door the entire side molding came off in her hand. She was chagrined. My wife thought it was funny. That Monday she told the story to her boss who broke out laughing – seems his three year old son had done the same thing to his brand new Ford.

Good thing quality was job one for Ford at the time. I would hate to think what would have happened if it had been job two or three.

In the 2000s, my wife and I settled on Hondas. While they aren’t made in Detroit, they are assembled in America. Would I ever consider buying a Ford, GM, or Chrysler? I’m not a gambler. I won’t bet 20,000 dollars that I won’t get yet another lemon from them.

So we have incompetent management, incompetent workers, producing inferior, over priced products and they are begging for our tax dollars to spare themselves from the consequences of their own actions. Sounds like the “big three” dinosaurs should go extinct.


Taking Credit for Progress, But Still Incompetent


despair.comWell, the bozos at my wife’s work who wouldn’t listen to her a month ago — the morons that are putting the entire group at risk through their incompetence — have finally decided to do what she suggested a month ago. Of course they are claiming to have found this solution through intense work and research on their part. What pansies. At least some in management are starting to realize what complete wastes these people are. Of course they won’t be fired … they’ll probably all get sent to more training and then given raises because they went to training.

Creating a Culture of Incompetence


despair.comHaving worked in many different settings with many different management styles, I find it interesting and depressing that there are so many managers out there actively creating cultures of incompetence.

One of the groups that I worked for has a person who had been on the team his entire professional career. He was considered the expert on one of the major products and on the tool that was used to create the product. There was a major modification that needed to be made. The people making the modification went through all the correct steps to ensure that the new and improved product would be a success. The product was put into production and a few months later customers started complaining about problems with the product.

Mr. Genius said, “Oh, I could have told you that you’d hit that problem.” Biting my tongue, I asked him why he didn’t tell us. “Well, no one asked the right question.”

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