I’m a regular working stiff who has seen management do some stupid things. I consider myself a classical liberal who laments the passing of Universities from bastions of free thinking to gulags of thought control. Like so many other people,I think my country is heading in the wrong direction — more towards a fascist state where we censor people for what they think and punish people for what they say.

I find it ironic, in a perverted sort of way, that a person quoting Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech is vialed as a racist. Quotas, set asides, and racial discrimination affirmative action are hailed as good things when helping one group at the expense of another — as long as the group being helped is more protected than one being damaged. Why we can’t judge individuals, as individuals, on their individual merit is beyond me. Why we need to judge them based on the group that they belong to is ridiculous.


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