So Called “Liberal” Lumps Blacks In With KKK

Interesting.  I was in an internet conversation with someone who is so full of hate that I’m seriously afraid that they’re going to pop a blood vessel.  He cut off the conversation by automatically deleting my comments (and most of my comments are “calm down” at this point).

We’re told over and over again by the media and the Democratic Party that the Republicans and Christians are the ones that are the hate mongers.  In this case, I’m sorry to say, it’s a liberal.  I haven’t seen enough of his views to tell if he is a libertarian liberal or a neo-fascist liberal.  He is pro-gay marriage — and hates Christians to the point that he can’t see straight.

It’s interesting, in a depressing sort of way, that so many people who fancy themselves “open minded” and “liberal” are so thoroughly bigoted and close minded.  They aren’t able to discuss their point of view rationally enough that their response is simply to shut down those who point out where they are wrong.

Okay, I should probably point out that the person is claiming that the people who voted for Prop 8 are the same ones that were denying civil rights to blacks.  I had the audacity to point that blacks voted for Prop 8 (53%) compared to the whites (49%).  If it had been up to the whites, it would have failed.  He is effectively lumping blacks in with the KKK — which is beyond insulting.


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