Exxon Mobile 2008: Profits vs Taxes


gusherExxon Mobile has released their 2008 Financial and Operating Review. Looking on page 16 (18 of the PDF) we find that Exxon made a profit of $45.22 billion — and paid $112.757 billion in taxes. For every dollar in profit, there was $2.49 in taxes.


Kudos to Obama


Kudos to Obama for sending the military after the pirates and then getting out of the military’s way.

And kudos to the military for getting the job done without loss  of innocent life.

Classical Liberty Liberalism vs Neo-Fascist Liberalism


stalin-lenin-mao-pot-226x801Someone claimed that my post regarding Only Buddhists and Atheists was stating that all atheists are as evil as Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, and Mao. That certainly is an interesting misinterpretation and certainly was not my intent. My intent was to show that the vast majority of the evil of the 20th century did occur because of atheists in power. This is a fact.

The problem that non-Christians have with Christians being in political power is that some Christians want to take away some rights (e.g., abortion) and want to blur the line between church and state (e.g., Bush’s faith based charities). This is a fact. And that is why I contend that government should not be allowed the power or authority to take away rights: abortion, guns, freedom of speech, privacy (5th amendment protections), or any other right..

I will contend that my position is the classical liberal / liberty position as opposed to the, for lack of a better description, neo-fascist liberal position that wants to control what people say (college speech codes), what people eat (fatty foods), what people smoke (tobacco), and what people do (too numerous to mention).

The scary part is that the classical liberal establishment that has traditionally been there to safe guard liberty from the encroachment of government tends to turn a blind eye when those encroachments are being conducted by someone who calls themselves “liberal” (even though they clearly are from the neo-fascist side of the house).

Specifically, how much hue-and-cry was [rightly] heard when Bush had his warrantless searches? How much hue-and-cry is there when Obama does an even worse job than Bush with regards to warrantless searches?

We [rightly] heard endlessly about how Bush was trashing the U.S. Constitution. Most of those same complaints can be lodged against the current administration and even more complaints piled on (Gitmo, warantless searches, controlling wages, targeting a small subset of the population for new confiscatory taxes).

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I voted against Bush in every election that I had the opportunity to. But I’m not so blind or so stupid to believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The current crop of Democrats [sic] are not the friend of liberty. Just because it was called the German Democratic Republic doesn’t mean that it was either democratic or a republic.

So Called “Liberal” Lumps Blacks In With KKK


Interesting.  I was in an internet conversation with someone who is so full of hate that I’m seriously afraid that they’re going to pop a blood vessel.  He cut off the conversation by automatically deleting my comments (and most of my comments are “calm down” at this point).

We’re told over and over again by the media and the Democratic Party that the Republicans and Christians are the ones that are the hate mongers.  In this case, I’m sorry to say, it’s a liberal.  I haven’t seen enough of his views to tell if he is a libertarian liberal or a neo-fascist liberal.  He is pro-gay marriage — and hates Christians to the point that he can’t see straight.

It’s interesting, in a depressing sort of way, that so many people who fancy themselves “open minded” and “liberal” are so thoroughly bigoted and close minded.  They aren’t able to discuss their point of view rationally enough that their response is simply to shut down those who point out where they are wrong.

Okay, I should probably point out that the person is claiming that the people who voted for Prop 8 are the same ones that were denying civil rights to blacks.  I had the audacity to point that blacks voted for Prop 8 (53%) compared to the whites (49%).  If it had been up to the whites, it would have failed.  He is effectively lumping blacks in with the KKK — which is beyond insulting.