Proposition States in Financial Disarray


Vote to Break the BankI was listening to NPR just before the elections and the reporter was interviewing the “King of Propositions” in Washington state. The reporter commented that states that allow propositions are generally in financial disarray compared to states that don’t. Being from California, where the state is on the verge of running out of funds to continue operation, I can certainly relate to that concept. The joker from NPR then made the [probably] off the cuff remark that this was because people in proposition states constantly vote to reduce taxes. Say what?!?

Well, I finally got around to researching the California propositions that passed in the last 8 years (since 2000). Guess how many times Californians voted to reduce taxes … Zero. Nada. Not once since 2000. That said, they voted to raise taxes six times – a total of $942,600,000 annual increase in taxes.

Okay, if it’s not because they vote themselves tax cuts, what about spending increases? Since 2000, Californians have voted to increase the annual state spending commitments by $7,920,000,000 dollars. Most of that is servicing the $188,627,000,000 bond cost ($98,385,000,000 in bonds and $90,242,000,000 in interest payments).

So once again we have a complete misrepresentation of reality by NPR. They took something that could easily be researched and instead decided to overlay their own ignorant political biases on what could have been a decent investigative report.

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Black Hole of Ignorance


teacherduncex200Recently my high school aged daughter and some friends were having a discussion in History. One of the kids brought up the subject of children. My daughter said:

Children are nothing but a black hole of need.

One of the ignorant morons in the group immediately said “That’s Racist!” (say what?!?)

The teacher happened by then and turned to my daughter and said “You can’t say such things.” To which my daughter replied “What should I say, ‘children are a white hole of need’?!?” The teacher then asked if she wanted to go to the principal’s office.

Okay, I can understand (but not excuse) the stupidity on the part of the student for not knowing what a black hole is. After all, the poor ignoramus was raised in public schools. But what’s the teacher’s execuse?

The Big Three Dinosaurs


t-rex-dollarIt appears to be Christmas season. That time of year filled with holiday cheer where gifts are exchanged. Of course the American auto industry is begging for a gift from Washington. Why? Because years of gross incompetence have finally caught up with them.

My grandfather retired with GM. My father was always a Chrysler man. Me? I’ll go with Honda.

In the late 80s and 90s my wife and I worked for a company that had us traveling quite a bit and they provided a company car – usually a Ford. These cars, which we picked up new from the dealer, were the most worthless piles of junk. After picking up a new car one Friday, my wife and I took another couple out somewhere. When the woman got into the back seat and closed the door the entire side molding came off in her hand. She was chagrined. My wife thought it was funny. That Monday she told the story to her boss who broke out laughing – seems his three year old son had done the same thing to his brand new Ford.

Good thing quality was job one for Ford at the time. I would hate to think what would have happened if it had been job two or three.

In the 2000s, my wife and I settled on Hondas. While they aren’t made in Detroit, they are assembled in America. Would I ever consider buying a Ford, GM, or Chrysler? I’m not a gambler. I won’t bet 20,000 dollars that I won’t get yet another lemon from them.

So we have incompetent management, incompetent workers, producing inferior, over priced products and they are begging for our tax dollars to spare themselves from the consequences of their own actions. Sounds like the “big three” dinosaurs should go extinct.