Having Kids At An Early Age

Math problem: My sister and her husband effectively had three kids when they were 20. My wife and I had three kids when we were 30. Assuming that all of our descendants follow our lead, when we die at age 80, how many people will call us ancestor?

Answer: My wife and I will have 12, my sister and her husband will have 120. Ten times as many.

Now, who is better able to afford three kids – a 20 year old couple or a 30 year old couple? Unless you’re a Rockefeller, if you have three kids when you’re 20, you will live in poverty.

To add insult to injury, my genius sister went on Food Stamps – making me and mine pay for her irresponsible behavior. The geniuses at the state welfare office made it pretty clear that if her husband were to take a long hike (and not come back) she would get even more taxpayer money. Given that he is basically unemployable, I’m surprised that she didn’t take the state up on their offer.


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