I Can’t Drive 55: Senator Wants New National Speed Limit

It appears that a Senator John Warner (R-Virginia) thinks he knows better how to drive in the west than the people that live in the west.  The good (*cough* *cough* *choke*) senator wishes to reimpose a national speed limit.  This is the ultimate in bureaucratic idiocy.   Okay, it looks like Hillary also wants this piece of nonsense.

Someone should take him out to some desert in the west — one of those places with a long, straight ribbon of highway with no vehicles in sight for miles — and tell him that he can’t exceed 55mph.  Unfortunately, he’s probably too old and senile and wouldn’t learn anything from the experiment.

Too many of the senators — probably people in Washington as a whole — are used to either flying everywhere or having someone else chauffeur them around while they drink margaritas or play on their laptops.

There are things that the national government should decide and there are things that the states should decide.  Speed limits are clearly something that the states should decide.


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