Belgium Woman Raped For Not Wearing Veil

It looks like a Belgium woman was raped in the capital of Europe for not wearing a veil. Wonder how long Europe will remain even semi-free? Will burkas be required dress in America before Barack Hussein Obama leaves office?

Was this rape against the teachings of Islam? Against what the prophet did and taught? Aren’t we told — repeatedly — that Islam is the religion of peace?

From Ebn Hisham, in El Sira El Nabawiya (the biography of the prophet), volume2 part3 page 118-143 & part 4 page 205-206, publisher Dar El Geel, Beirut

Muhammad rape Rihana Bent Amro ibn Khenakah from the Jewish tribe of Bani Koreyza, the same day he killed her husband, her brothers, and 900 men (he beheaded every male that started to have pubic hair and up) front of her eyes. He asked her to marry him, but she refused and insulted him, she wanted to be killed. He took her as a slave (right hand possession), and use to rape her after tying her hands and feet. He divided the rest of the women, children, horses, and property as booty on his men. Then he sent (pbuh) Saad ben Zeid El Ansari to Najd, to sell part of the abducted women and children, and buy weapons and horses with the proceed.


One Response to Belgium Woman Raped For Not Wearing Veil

  1. Peter says:

    thats pretty horrible. both the recent act and those of muhammad.


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