Movie Review: Faith of My Fathers

We rented Faith of My Fathers – a biography / infomercial for John McCain made back in 2005. The setting is the Viet Nam war starting just before McCain gets shot down and tossed into prison and concludes shortly after he is let out of prison. The credits list McCain as a technical consultant for the movie. What I walked away with from the movie is that John McCain is stubborn and stupid. Unlike his modern persona of being the “great compromiser,” the movie portrays him as one who digs in his heals even when he doesn’t have to. His temper also plays a role in the movie.

On a complete tangent, a show on public radio today (Public Radio International?) ran an interview with the camp commander from when McCain was in prison. He stated that he would vote for his “friend” McCain. He also categorically denied that the prisoners were ever tortured (the reporter indicated that this directly contradicted a number of Americans’ testimony).

Frankly, I would not vote for McCain because of his time in prison; that fact doesn’t sway me one way or the other. His being stupid and stubborn will have an impact.

So the trick is, do I vote for the one that wants to silence me (McCain-Feingold act) or the one that wants to raise taxes because he’s a sadist (Obama wanting to raise capital gains tax even if it lowers revenue from the capital gains tax due to changes in human behavior).

Such a wonderful choice to have.


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