The Obamas: It Smells Like Corruption To Me

From USA Today

Officials at the University of Chicago Hospitals say a promotion and large pay increase given to Sen. Barack Obama’s wife shortly after the Democrat was elected to Congress were well-deserved boosts for an executive who is “worth her weight in gold.”

“She’s terrific,” added Michael Riordan, who was president of the hospital in March 2005, when Michelle Obama was promoted to vice president for external affairs and had her annual salary increased from $121,910 to $316,962.

It would seem that those officials were right, after giving Michelle Obama a 159.95% pay raise Mike Dorning reports

Among the pork-barrel spending requests Barack Obama has made since arriving in the U.S. Senate is $1 million for the hospital where his wife worked at the time and $8 million for weapons technology made by a big defense contractor with close ties to a major fundraiser.

I don’t know (or care) how much she weighs, but it looks like she is worth her weight in gold.

Not For Profit Profits

Looking at the University Of Chicago Hospitals’ Statement of Operations we find that Michelle Obama’s “not for profit” hospital made $87,804,000 profit in fiscal year ending June 30, 2007. That’s on total operating revenue’s of $1,113,836,000 — a profit margin of 7.88%.

Compare this to the “for profit” ExxonMobile’s profit margin of 10.04%.

Seems like “not for profit” doesn’t mean a whole lot. If we are to assume that Exxon is “gouging” us then we should also assume that Michelle Obama’s hospital is gouging us as well.

Frankly, I don’t mind them making a profit … I do mind the hypocrisy of the Obamas. Trying to pretend to be “for the poor working stiff” while stiffing the working man. They are the same sort of corrupt Washington money grubbing politicians that we’ve grown to know and loathe.


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