Pakistan to Ask EU to Amend Laws on Freedom of Expression

The Daily Times is reporting

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will ask the European Union countries to amend laws regarding freedom of expression in order to prevent offensive incidents such as the printing of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the production of an anti-Islam film by a Dutch legislator, sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times on Saturday.

the report goes on to say

They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts [cartoons] against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out.

Sources said that the delegation would also hold discussions on inter-religious harmony during its meetings with the EU leaders.

So an Islamic country [Pakistan] is threatening more violence against diplomatic missions unless Europe surrenders one of the primary foundations of liberal Western thought — freedom of expression. How long before they decide to make the same threat against the U.S.? Will they wait until Barack Hussein Obama is president?


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