Racist to Oppose Obama?

black, white, brown, yellow, red, or greenThe Bookworm has an interesting post up that lists many of the reasons to vote against Obama. It’s interesting because it casts the debate in the vein that one has to admit to being a racist in order to oppose Obama.

To me, this is interesting from two different perspectives: one is Tammy Bruce’s The New Thought Police and the other is personal experience with black hypersensitivity to whatever they perceive may be a racist comment.

In The New Thought Police, Tammy Bruce discusses the eight symptoms of group-think.

4. Out-group stereotypes. “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!” “Religious radical!” “Right-wing nut!” Need I go on? Outsiders, or “the enemy,” are stereotyped as either weak or stupid or both and unable to counter the decisions made by the group. …

So basically we’ve gotten to the point that if you don’t vote for Barack Obama, the only possible reason is that you are a racist.

From the files of “personal experience,” a few years ago I worked for a group that invited a white [which is only relevant because of what comes later] woman to join the group. She had had a nice, closed door office, but we had her move up to “cube land” with the rest of the group.

A few days later, one of her [black] friends came by for lunch. While we were all munching away, the friend asked “so, why did you move out of your office, it was so nice.” Being white, male, and stupid, I said “we wanted to integrate her into the group.”

The black woman had an immediate, almost violent reaction, “Integrated? What are you talking about? I’m integrated…” Sigh. It had nothing to do with her. It had to do with integrating the white woman into our group. But the black woman was so programmed to assume that the word “integrated” used in her vicinity must be an insult directed at her.

Barack and company want us to believe that racism is alive and well in today’s America. I would have to agree — it’s alive and well because too many blacks won’t let it die.

There was a National Public Radio piece on adoption of black babies by white couples. They interviewed a black activist whose group was militantly opposed to such adoptions. Why? Because a black child raised by white parents would be ill prepared to know that all whites were racist against them. In other words, blacks needed to program their kids to assume that all whites are racist. Which, of course, is racist.


One Response to Racist to Oppose Obama?

  1. poorworkingstiff says:

    Well, it’s interesting. Because the issue raised was perceived as anti-Obama the comment section was continually SPAMed by pro-Obama people who never even mentioned the issues raised in the article. Sigh.

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