How stupid is Obama?

Obama claims that he’s been in 57 states while campaigning for president. Huh? Just how stupid is this guy? When someone set up Dan Quayle to look like an idiot (by giving him a card with “potatoe” misspelled), the press was all over him for being a complete moron. Barack, on his own, makes such an incredible gaff and we give it a pass?

Okay, worse than not knowing how many states are in the union, the guy doesn’t even know that lowering capital gains taxes increases capital gains tax revenue (due to the change in human behavior caused by the change in taxes). When it’s pointed out to him, he decides he just wants to punish people. Hello? Why are we hailing a sadist that just wants to torment people — at the expense of tax revenue no less — as the greatest hope of mankind?

I’m [sadly] reminded of a one liner delivered by Doc Brown in Back to the Future: “No wonder your president has to be an actor, he’s gotta look good on television.” We as a people no longer vote for issues, but on who is the best speaker. We let the media dictate what we think and what we believe.

One of the women that I know stated that she voted against Reagan because “Nancy was just so ugly.” What?!? Not only was this woman so shallow that she voted against the man because of how he looked, but because of how his wife looked?!? I almost asked her if she voted against John Kerry because his wife is a permanent Halloween costume. (No, she didn’t — she is a Democrat … and they say Republicans are mean spirited and shallow?)

Look, I’m no fan of John McCain. I don’t think he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer. But Barack is a real idiot.


One Response to How stupid is Obama?

  1. john galt says:

    yes indeed!
    visit and you will see how stupid he is and we thought Bush was the stupid. Actually, Bush looks smarter than Obama..OMG!!

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