Card Game: Hurricane


HurricaneThe game Hurricane gets its name from when things start to go wrong, they go wrong fast. Hurricane is a two player game and is played with a standard deck of cards with all of the eights, nines, and tens removed (if you’re playing with little kids — old enough to do arithmetic — then you can remove the face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) instead.)

Aces are considered one (1), jacks eight (8), queens nine (9), and kings ten (10).


Lightly shuffle the deck and then deal three cards at a time to each player until each player has six (6) cards. Then deal four (4) cards face up between the two players.

The Play

Non dealer goes first by laying one of their cards down face up. If one or more cards in the middle add up to the same value as the card played, then the player may pick up the card played and the minimum number of cards already face up that added together equal the card played.

For example, assume that the middle already has the 3 of spades and 4 of diamonds. If a player lays down the 7 of hearts, they can pick up the 3 and the 4 and put them with the 7 of hearts in their “captured” pile.

If the player is unable to pick up any cards (because there are no cards already face up when added together equal the card played) then the card played is left face up in the middle.

After playing a card, the turn rotates to the next player.

When all six cards have been played, another set of six cards are dealt to each player (three at a time) repeating until the deck is exhausted.

After the last card is played from the deck, whatever cards are still in the middle are considered “captured” by the person capturing the last card. For example, if on your last card you’re able to play and pick up a card and then on my last card I am unable to play, then the cards that remain in the middle are considered captured by you.


Once all of the card have been played, you score the hand by awarding one point for each of the following:

  • Whoever captured the most cards (there are forty cards, so you need to capture at least 21).
  • Whoever captured the most hearts (there are ten hearts, so you need to capture at least 6).
  • Whoever captures the seven of hearts (the only guaranteed point out)
  • Whoever captures all four sevens (seven of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades — not easy to do)

Additionally, you receive one point for each hurricane. A hurricane is when you are able to take all of the cards in the middle so that there are none for the next player to possibly pick up.


The person scoring 15 points first is considered the winner.


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