Gay Marriage

It looks like my state (California) is about to get gay marriages. There has been way more than enough written about gay marriages that is complete non-sense and emotional drivel on both sides of the issue. The only article that I’ve read that had any intelligence to it was Thomas Sowell’s ‘Notion of gay marriage’ is product of sloppy thinking which attempts to look at the historical reasons for the state to recognize marriage.

In short, Sowell’s arguments are:

  • The state has a vested interest in protecting children that may result from a heterosexual marriage. Gay marriages would not result in children.
  • Women bear the children, laws should force equal responsibility for the child.
  • Time effects on men and women are different — after raising the kids, the man can run off with a trophy wife. The laws help protect the woman’s investment in the marriage.

And of course none of these reasons for marriage apply when both people are the same gender.

Like I said, Sowell has the only article that I’ve read that wasn’t just a bunch of emotional drivel.


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