Card Game: Stupid


The game Stupid is so named because in the course of playing, someone nearly always declares “This is a stupid game.” Don’t let that dissuade you. The game can be played with any number of players, for every seven players another standard deck of 52 must be added to the game deck.

The game consists of 13 rounds. The first round, everyone is dealt one card. The second round, everyone is dealt two cards. Third, three. Fourth, four. Up to seven. On the eighth round, six cards are dealt. Ninth, five. Tenth, four. Until on the thirteenth round, one card is dealt.


After the cards are dealt out, the dealer turns the top card over and that card is trump. Bidding starts with left of the dealer and proceeds clockwise. Each player bids the number of tricks they believe that they will take. The dealer, who is last to bid, must bid so that someone will not make their bid (e.g., if there are 3 players and 4 cards dealt and the first two players each bid 1 then the dealer may not bid 2 (because 1 + 1 + 2 = 4).)

The Play

After the bidding is complete, left of dealer leads out a card. If the player has the suit led, they must follow suit; otherwise, they are free to play any card in their hand. Who ever has the highest trump card (Ace is high) played takes the trick. If no trump cards were played, who ever has the highest card in the suit led takes the trick. If there is a tie for high card (because you’re using multiple decks) then the first of the high cards to be played to the trick takes the trick.

All tricks taken must be placed so that all players can see how many tricks the other players have taken.

Whoever takes the trick, leads to the next trick.


Once the last trick has been played to the hand, the hand is scored based on the number of tricks bid and taken. If the person bid exactly the number of tricks that they took, they receive 10 points plus 5 points per trick (e.g., if they bid 3 and took 3, they would receive 10 + (3 x 5) = 10 + 15 = 25 points). However, if they take more (or less) than the amount bid, they lose 10 points (and can go negative).

Play proceeds for all thirteen rounds. Whoever has the high score after the 13th round, wins.


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